Why Do My Clippers Pull Hair? (Common Causes and Solutions)

Are you getting tired of your clippers constantly pulling hair?  Asking for the solution- Why do my clippers pull hair?

Here you will find a complete solution. I’ll share my own experience that will definitely help you.

If your clipper pulling hair, you’re not alone!

I have also experienced, many people struggle with this frustrating issue when trying to achieve a clean-cut look. 

But don’t worry, there are several reasons why your clippers may be pulling hair, and I’ve got the solutions for you.

In this guide, I’ll explore some common causes of hair-pulling and provide some tips on how to prevent it in the future.

I will delve into everything.

Let’s look into the main points…

Why Do My Clippers Pull Hair?

There could be several reasons why your clippers are pulling hair.

First, we will find hair-pulling basic causes, and then I will try to solve this problem.

Make sure from today you are going to short out this problem. okay

Let me tell you…

Firstly I have to say, check your blades, dull blades can cause the clipper to pull instead of cut the hair. Make sure you regularly sharpen or replace your blades.

Why Do My Clippers Pull Hair
Clipper’s Blade Pic

Another reason might be that there is too much tension on the blade. Check if your clipper has a tension adjustment screw and adjust accordingly.

Using the wrong blade size for the thickness of the hair can also cause pulling. If you have thick or curly hair, make sure you use a larger blade size to accommodate it.

Lastly, dirty or clogged blades can also contribute to pulling. Always clean the clippers blades and oil on it after each use to prevent the build-up of dirt and debris.

By introducing these issues, you should be able to reduce or eliminate any hair-pulling when using clippers.

Still, Does not solve this problem?


Know more details about the main causes of clipper’s hair pulling.

What Causes Hair Pulling in Clippers?

Already we have discussed its common issues, and now I’ll explain more in detail-

Let’s have a look-

The causes of Pulling hair in Clippers are-

  • Dull Blades
  • Poorly Oiled Clippers
  • Overly Coarse Hair
  • Improper Technique
  • Low Battery Power
  • Inappropriate Guard and comb size
  • Lossness of Screws

Dull Blades:

One of the most common reasons why clippers pull hair is due to dull blades already we have known it. 

Why Do My Clippers Pull Hair

Credit: To Dude List via Youtube

When the blades are not sharp enough, they cannot cut through the hair smoothly and instead end up pulling at it.

Dull blades can occur over time with regular uses or improper storage.

It’s important to check your clipper blades regularly to ensure that they are still sharp enough to do their job properly.

If you notice that your clipper blades feel dull, it’s time to sharpen them using sharpening Stones (if possible) or replace them altogether.

How to Sharpen Clippers Blade using Sharpening Stone (Video Guide)

Credit: Cole Cutz via Youtube

Regular maintenance is also key in preventing the dullness of clipper blades.

If you ask how to maintain the clipper properly?

Yes, let me tell you…

By keeping an eye on your clipper’s blade condition and performing routine maintenance, you’ll be able to prevent hair pulling caused by dullness and provide a comfortable grooming experience for both you and your clients.

(We will know more details about clipper maintenance in this article) 

Poorly Oiled Clippers:

Poorly oiled and using non-recommended clipper oil are other common causes of hair pulling.

Clippers require regular oil to run it smoothly, without proper oil the blades can become dry, dull, and rusty.

When using your clipper for an extended period or when you notice resistance from the blades, it’s important to add a few drops of oil to the clipper’s blade and other moving parts.

This will lubricate the blades and prevent any friction that may lead to hair pulling.

It’s also essential to use high-quality actual clipper oil. If you don’t have actual clipper oil you can use Alternatives For Hair Clipper Oil

Using other types of oils such as vegetable oil or motor oil can damage your clipper and even harm your skin if they come in contact with it.

Pro Tips: To ensure proper maintenance of your clippers, follow the manufacturer's instructions on how often to apply oil.

Generally speaking, adding two to three drops per blade and moving parts before each use, It’s sufficient enough to keep them running smoothly.

In addition to regular oiling, make sure you clean your clipper after every use with a soft brush or cloth. This will help remove any excess hair or debris that may have accumulated between the blades during usage.

By maintaining properly-oiled clippers, you’ll not only prevent hair pulling but extend their lifespan too!

The Implication of Improper Technique

Improper technique is one of the main reasons why clippers pull hair. When using clippers, it’s important to have a proper angle and pressure on the clipper head.

Many people tend to hold the clipper at an incorrect angle, causing the blades to not cut properly which leads to the pulling of hair.

It’s essential that you hold your clipper straight and perpendicular to your skin while cutting.

Another mistake is pressing too hard or applying too little pressure on the skin. This can cause uneven cuts resulting in hair being pulled out by the roots.

Always apply just enough pressure for a clean cut without having the blades dig into your scalp.

You should also avoid moving too quickly across large sections of hair as this can cause tugging or jerking motions that result in hair pulling.

Instead, take small strokes with steady hands working methodically through each section until you get desired results.

If you’re feeling unsure about how much force or speed to use when clipping always refer back to manufacturer instructions or seek advice from experts in barbershops;

So that you don’t end up making mistakes leading to further damage such as bleeding wounds caused by nicks and cuts from improper handling techniques.

Overly Coarse Hair:

Overly coarse hair can also be a contributing factor to pulled hair during clipping.

Clippers are not designed to work well with extremely thick or matted hair, which can cause the blades to snag and pull. 

If you’re using clippers on this type of hair, it’s important to choose the right blade size and guard comb.

It’s also recommended that, use clipper oil frequently when working with overly coarse hair. This helps reduce friction between the blades and reduces the chances of them getting stuck in tangles or knots.

Fully Charge Battery:

One of the reasons why clippers can pull hair is due to a low battery charge.

Someone may take this as a small issue, but it can actually affect the performance of your clipper blades.

When the battery is low, it will cause the blades to slow down and struggle through thick hair.

To prevent hair pulling on clippers, always make sure that your clippers are fully charged before using them. You don’t want to risk damaging your client’s hair or causing discomfort while cutting their hair.

Another benefit of having a fully charged battery is that you’ll have more control over your clippers. A dead or weak battery can cause unnecessary movements which may result in uneven cuts or pulled hairs.

Fix the Screws:

Fixing the screws is another useful tip to prevent your clippers from pulling hair. Loose or improperly tightened screws can cause the blades to misalign, resulting in uneven cutting and tugging on hair.

To fix this issue, you need a screwdriver that fits the clipper’s screw head size. Before tightening any loose screws, make sure to unplug or switch off your clipper for safety reasons.

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How to Prevent Hair Pulling

Preventing hair pulling is the key to a smooth and comfortable haircut. Here are some tips on how to prevent your clippers from pulling hair.

Keeping the blades sharp is crucial in preventing hair pulling

Dull or damaged blades can cause uneven cuts and result in tugging on the hair. Make sure to sharpen your blades regularly or replace them when necessary.

Using the right guard comb size for your desired length of cut can also prevent hair pulling. Using a comb that’s too small for longer lengths or too large for shorter ones can lead to snagging and discomfort.

Proper oil maintenance is essential for the smooth operation of your clippers. Regular lubrication of the moving parts will reduce friction between them, leading to less heat buildup and fewer tugs on hairs.

Fourthly, cleaning your clipper after each use removes any dirt or debris that could cause snags during future uses.

A clean clipper always performs better than one with clogged-up parts.

Ensuring that your clipper has a fully charged battery before use prevents it from stalling during a job which could lead to uneven cuts and painful pulls.

By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to keep away that irritable clipper’s problem!

Why Do My Clippers Pull Hair? Conclusion

Hair pulling in clippers is a common issue that can be easily prevented and fixed. 

By following the tips provided in this article such as keeping blades sharp, using the right guard comb size, proper oil maintenance, cleaning the clipper, fully charging the battery, and fixing screws you can ensure your clippers work smoothly

I hope, now you have got the solution to your query: Why Do My Clippers Pull Hair?

Keep remembering! always take proper care of your tools to prevent any mishaps from happening during grooming sessions.

By following these mentioned simple steps, you can say goodbye to hair-pulling and enjoy a hassle-free grooming experience every time.

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