Rotary vs Magnetic Clippers – Exploring the differences

When you are about to buy hair clippers, it’s important to know the Rotary vs Magnetic Clippers’ deference.

You can find three types of hair clippers available in the market based on the clipper’s motor, they are-

  • Rotary
  • Magnetic and
  • Pivot clipper

Rotary clippers and magnetic clippers hold a prominent place in the market.

Both these two types of clippers have their advantage and disadvantage.

As a result, purchasing the best clipper out of these three types of hair clippers can be quite challenging.

I have shared my thoughts based on research and experiment on Rotary vs Magnetic Clippers in this article.

Reading this post will help you to choose the right hair clipper according to your need and preference.

With that said let’s go to the main topic-

Rotary vs Magnetic Clippers Quick Comparison

Rotary ClipperMagnetic Clipper
Ideal for all hair typeCuts’ lighter texture and dry hair are best
High PowerReliable Power
Maintenance RequiredMaintenance free
High VibrationLow Vibration
Light-WeightCan be heavy
High Energy consumeLow Energy consume
High Blade speedHigh blade speed
Comes with Adjustable bladesNeed separate blade attachment
Oiling requiredNo oiling required
Produce heatProduce less heat
Long battery life (only cordless clipper)Required more frequent charging
Cuts lighter texture and dry hair are bestSimple design

What are rotary clippers?

Rotary Clipper
Rotary Clipper

Rotary clippers come with a powerful motor. They are versatile. You can use them for different tasks. Inside the rotary clipper, you can find a rotary motor. It operates with a spinning disc.

This design is capable of generating a high amount of torque.

As a result, you can use a rotary clipper to cut thick, wet, or coarse hair.

Inside rotary motor clippers, you see a strong motor. It helps you cut through dense hair. You don’t need to tug or pull hair to do it. This will help you to end up with an efficient and smooth cutting experience.

What are the benefits of rotary clippers?

1. Power

Rotary clippers offer superior cutting power. They have a strong rotary motor. You can get consistent and even reliable performance with the motor.

That’s why rotary clippers are ideal for cutting many different types of hair. Whether you want to cut unruly, curly, or thick hair, they are a great choice. These clippers can help you to make challenging haircuts with ease.

2. Versatility

Rotary clippers are a versatile tool. They are capable of handling numerous techniques. For example, you can use them for precision cutting and bulk hair removal.

You can use a rotary clipper and secure different hairstyles. Achieving the perfect hair lengths with precision will never be a challenge for you.

3. Durability

Rotary clippers are long-lasting and durable. The rotary motor is robust, and it can withstand heavy use. Both barbers and hairstylists prefer durability.

That’s the reason why they go for rotary clippers. They can use the clipper as durable equipment.

What are magnetic clippers?

Magnetic Clipper
Magnetic Clipper

Magnetic clippers are also called pivot motor clippers. They are quite a popular option that you can find in the hair clipper market as well. Inside these hair clippers, you can find a magnetic motor. It is a lightweight motor.

This motor can operate at high speeds. Magnetic motors can spin faster than rotary motors. This helps the magnetic clippers to offer better precision.

You can create clean and sharp lines with the help of these hair clippers.

What are the benefits of magnetic clippers?

1. Precision

If you want to get defined and precise haircuts, magnetic clippers are a great choice available. They come along with a high-speed magnetic motor.

Magnetic clippers help you detail your haircuts. You can create fades with it. Creating fine lines will not be a challenge too.

If you are working on intricate designs, this is one of the best options to consider as of now.

2. Not so heavy

The magnetic hair clippers are light in weight. That’s because they don’t have a heavy motor inside them.

If you are going to use the hair clipper for longer durations of time, magnetic clippers will be a great choice. They can reduce fatigue during extended cutting sessions.

3. Quiet operation

Magnetic clippers are capable of offering a quiet operation than rotary clippers. This can make them ideal for people who are sensitive to noise.

It helps you ensure a quiet environment inside the salon.

How to choose the best hair clipper out of these?

As you can see, both magnetic clippers and rotary clippers are quite popular. There’re a few tips to note when picking the right option.

1. Type of hair you cut

If you often come across the need to cut coarse, thick, and wet hair, going for a rotary hair clipper would be a good decision.

They come along with a powerful motor, which will help you experience a precise cutting job. They are appropriate for different hair types.

However, they will usually struggle when you are dealing with wet or extremely dense hair.

2. Cutting style

If your focus is on precision cutting, you need to go ahead with a magnetic hair clipper. They are a great choice available for creating clean lines and fades as well.

Rotary clippers are ideal for bulk hair removal and general cutting. It will be quite challenging for you to get precise haircuts out of them.

3. Professional use

If you are a professional hairstylist or a barber, you should consider longevity and durability when buying hair clippers.

This is where rotary hair clippers appear to be a great choice available to consider. The rotary hair clippers are capable of withstanding heavy use. They are a reliable option available for most professionals out there.

4. Maintenance needs

After you buy a hair clipper, you will need to focus on its maintenance as well. Rotary clippers will often require more cleaning and oiling.

The spinning disc attracts debris It can also be a magnet for hair clipping. If you want to ensure optimal performance, you need to focus on regular maintenance of it.

On the other hand, magnetic clippers come with fewer moving parts. They are quite easy to maintain.

5. Price range

The price of hair clippers can vary based on the brand, quality, and the features they offer. When prices are compared, magnetic is cheaper.

If you are looking for budget-friendly hair clippers, magnetic clippers would be a good option to consider.

6. Heat generation

Magnetic hair clippers tend to generate more heat, as they offer a high-speed rotation. This heat generation can make some of the users feel uncomfortable.

For example, it will not be possible for you to go ahead with longer cutting sessions. On the other hand, rotary clippers generate less heat. They provide a comfortable experience for you as well as the client.

7. Battery-operated options

You can buy any hair clipper corded or cordless. However, more magnetic clipper models are available as cordless models, due to their lightweight design.

8. Personal preferences

Last but not least, you need to take a look at your personal preferences when purchasing a hair clipper. This is where you will need to pay attention to factors such as noise level, weight, and overall comfort.

You can try to hold and operate both types of clippers. Then you will figure out which type of clipper offers a more comfortable experience. You can also identify the type of clipper that suits well with your preferences.

Best Rotary Hair Clippers

Andis Professional Master Adjustable Hair and Beard Clipper

Best Rotary Clipper
  • Brand: Andis
  • Color: White
  • Corded/Cordless
  • Hair Type: All
  • Adjustable Blade
  • Weight: 2 Pound
  • Battery Run Time: 90 Minutes
  • Voltage: 100-240v

Final Words

In the final word, I can say Rotary vs Magnetic Clippers both clippers are popular among people. However, these two types of clippers are suitable for different purposes.

Rotary clippers are good enough for versatility. You can also get power and durability. On the other hand, magnetic clippers are ideal for precision cutting and creating clean lines.

It is up to you to take a look at these differences and then make the right choice.

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