Open vs Closed Clippers: What Should You Choose?

Do you know the difference between Open vs Closed Clippers?

In this blog, we will look at the differences between Open vs Closed clippers. This will assist you in picking the Best hair clipper in 2023.

As a male, you already know the importance of hair clippers. It is much more important than you think.

So you have to take an informed decision before going to buy a hair clipper. Choosing an appropriate device is essential for achieving the ideal haircut results.

Understanding the difference clippers lever open vs closed is essential as it affects the outcome.

This article will offer beneficial guidelines on a way to get the ideal cut. Whether are you a DIY, a radical, a casual barber, or an expert hairstylist.

Let’s grab and talk about the differences between open clippers vs closed.

Open vs Closed Clippers Quick Comparision

Open ClippersClosed Clippers
Flexible BladeFixed Blade
Best for Close shave, precise cutting, line up hair cutBest for thick, coarse hair
Maintenance required (Oiling, cleaning, sharpening, etc)No maintenance required
Low CostlyHigh costly

Open Hair Clippers Advantages

  • Open hair clippers are quite precise because of their flexible design. As a result, they are a terrific choice for challenging chores like fading and lines.
  • Open hair clippers have a long lifespan. The manufacturers use high-quality materials in their construction.
  • Changing out blades or fastening guards is unnecessary. Replace the blade’s position simple and quick.
  • You may additionally create a lot of patterns with just one clipper, which removes the need to buy extra tools. So, in a time where inflation is a big thing, even small budget savings matter.

Open Hair Clippers–Disadvantages

  • Open hair clippers could be loud when in use in a small space, which may be a drawback.
  • The changeable blade mechanism has a learning curve and may be difficult for novices.
  • Open-hair clippers might need higher upkeep than closed clippers. Because of the blades’ detachability.
  • You must scrub and lubricate the blades to keep them functioning.

Closed Hair Clippers–Advantages

  • Since closed-hair clippers have a fixed blade, they are easier to use. On the other side, open clippers, especially for novices.
  • When working in a small area, closed hair clippers provide an advantage in terms of noise level.
  • The fixed blade guarantees a constant cutting length during the grooming process.
  • Closed clippers are far easier to use. Which makes them perfect for novices and at-home grooming.

Closed Hair Clippers–Disadvantages

  • For general use, closed-hair clippers might not be as precise as open clippers. This might be a drawback if you have to carry out a complex activity. If you don’t want to take somewhat of a risk, you might think twice before buying this.
  • Costs may rise if more guards or blades you purchased.
  • Closed hair clippers have a fixed blade. So that you cannot customize them to match your specific needs. You need to buy greater clippers if you want to cope with hair of various lengths or textures. This isn’t the ideal thing, but that is a thing to keep in mind when using these.

How to differentiate Open vs. Closed Clippers

ultimate dilemma of choosing between open vs closed clippers

Open clipper blades are fully open and provide the most excellent cutting length. When the lever has reached the most elevated setting.

But, If we talk about Lever open vs Closed. The closed clipper’s blades are close and offer the most petite cutting length. When the lever is at the most downward angle.

If we study the open clipper’s physical structure. The edge of the clipper wherein the lever is positioned. You may immediately determine the location of the lever on open clippers.

Additionally, I have to say lever closed vs open clipper there’s no lever in existence to exchange the location of the blade on closed clippers. Instead, the clipper or razor you select will decide the length of the cut.

Open vs Closed Clippers: What should you choose?

Finding the correct clipper might be difficult at first. If you’ve no prior haircutting experience.

Here are some key points that assist you to make the best decision-

1. Decide what you need Beforehand:

Think about the hair type you’ll be cutting and how often you’ll use it. In other words, decide based on your personality.

A robust clipper with a powerful motor may be necessary if you work as a professional barber. A lighter or less powerful clipper can be a better choice if you’re starting off.

2. Blade and Guard Size:

The total length of hair that a hair clipper will remove depends on the blade size. There are different blade sizes in an attachment with Open Hair Clipper.

Closed hair clippers require to expense multiple blades and guard sizes, to make it your preferable way.

3. Decide on facts:

Yes, both open and closed hair clipper uses for grooming hair. Also, they cater to various needs and tastes.

Open clippers are perfect for professionals and individuals looking for customizable grooming experiences. They are adaptable and give precision in cutting.

Closed clippers, on the contrary, place a higher value on consistency and simplicity. To make them ideal for novices and at-home users.

4. Price Points:

Open hair clippers required maintenance but there are no additional expenses.

But in the case of closed hair clippers, there are need for separate guards and blade attachment.

5. Maintenance

Yes, open hair clippers need time-to-time maintenance: oiling, cleaning, sharpening the blades, etc.

On the other hand, a Closed hair clipper needs low maintenance, to keep it sharp and effective.

6. Durability

If we talk about closed vs open clippers durability, open clippers may have less durability compared to closed clippers.


A closed clipper has limited moving parts and functionalities. For that, a closed clipper may longer lifespan and performance.

Final Thoughts!

After the Open vs Closed Clippers overall discussion, finally, we came to a conclusion. Now you can decide which one is most preferable according to your work and skills.

We have already discussed it’s all the important points. Now you have to choose by understanding how open guard vs closed guard hair clippers work.

Also, you have to know, what you are going to achieve the desired haircut looks. Happy Grooming!

FAQ: Open vs Closed Clippers

Q: What is better: Clippers or Razors?

In terms of haircuts, clippers, and razors have various uses. While razors offer a closer shave, clippers work better for lengthier haircuts. But you can adjust the clipper’s blade by inserting various guard sizes.

In order to get the intended result, it’s crucial to select the appropriate gadget for the job.

Q: For novices, are open clippers better?

For newbies, first, it’s necessary to decide open lever vs closed according to your work preference.

Open clippers could be trickier to operate at first. But, they can understand and offer a variety of grooming alternatives. Additionally, it provides some work and acquaintance with the adjustable lever.

Q: If I want waves, what size clipper is best?

It Depends on your preferred hair length. Different clipper guard sizes may perform for waves. A guard size of 1 to 3 will be adequate for producing waves.

It’s crucial to try out various guard sizes. Then see which suits your hair’s structure and preferred style the best.

Q: Should clippers be open or closed?

It depends on your need. You have to determine clipper lever open vs closed. When the lever is in the open position, they reduce the hair to be short hair and also softer than whilst it’s far closed.

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