How to Remove Rust from Hair Clippers? (6 Simple Steps)

Are you tired of using hair clippers that are clogged with rust? Looking for the best solution- How to Remove Rust from Hair Clippers?

Rust directly affects the Clipper’s performance. As well as it can hinder of hygiene and safety of your hair grooming routine.

As a barber and hair stylist, you know, a clipper and trimmers are the most important tools.

When your clipper performs excellent way then you can cut any type of hair and beard very easily.

If your clipper is rusty and clogged, it will disturb you at the time of work. For that, your client and you will be dissatisfied.

So, you have to clean and maintain it the proper way and get back to the optimal condition.

In this article, I will guide you step-by-step on- How to Remove Rust from Hair Clippers.  (Safest and Effective way)

So let’s go to the main points-

How to Remove Rust from Hair Clippers?

Rusty  Clippers
Rusty Clippers @Mr. Tool via Youtube

There are several ways you can remove rust from hair clippers. By using a rust remover Solution, cleaning, oiling, and brushing is the common solution for rust removal.

But you have to know, how properly apply these techniques to remove rust from hair clippers easily at home.

In this article, we’ll walk you through step-by-step guides and instructions to remove rust.

Rust can be a common problem for hair clippers and trimmers. Not to worry, there are effective ways to remove rust and restore your clippers to their former glory.

It ensures that this method will safest and easiest way.

Let’s get started!

How to Clean Rust off Clippers (Step-By-Step Guides)

Cleaning rust off your hair clippers is much easier and quicker than you may think.

I’m here to guide you through the entire process. With just a few simple steps, you can have your clippers get back to the optimal condition.

After followed by these simple steps, your clipper will be ready to give you the perfect haircut.

So let’s get started transforming your rusty clippers into high-performing tools!

Gather all the necessary materials for the cleaning process

First and foremost you have to collect some rust removal solutions and cleaning materials-

necessary meterials for hair clippers rust removing
List of Tools and Materials Required to Remove Rust from Hair Clippers @Image Credit:
  • Soft cloth/brush or sponge
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Barbicide Disinfectant Concentrate
  • Small brush or toothbrush
  • Clippers oil
  • Air Dryer (Optional)

Step 1: Disassemble Clipper’s Blades & Guard and other components

Now that you have everything you need, it’s time to start cleaning the clippers. Begin by disassembling Clipper’s Blades and removing any hair or debris that may be stuck in the blades.

Step 2: Clean Clippers Clogged, dirt, and debris

Use the soft small brush to gently scrub away any loose rust particles. Be sure to be careful while doing this, as you don’t want to damage the blades.

Step 3: Apply Rust Remover Solutions

You can use Distilled white vinegar or Barbicide Disinfectant Concentrate for rust removal. (use any one of them)

Dampen the soft cloth or sponge with the rust remover solution.

Now, gently wipe/scrub the rust-affected areas of the clippers, making sure to cover all the rusted spots. (Leave them for 50 to 60 seconds)

Step 4: Clean Clipper’s Rust

After that, the solution will break down the rust and make it easier to remove. Clean rust by using a soft and small brush. Scrub on the clipper’s rusting area and apply rust removal again if required.

Do again this process until all the rust is gone. After cleaning rust properly, your clippers will look shiny and new.

Step 5: Dry Clipper

Once you have removed all the rust.

Now let’s leave the clipper to dry. You can use an air dryer for quick drying or allow them to air dry naturally.

It’s important to thoroughly dry the clippers to prevent any further corrosion.

After they are completely dry, apply a small amount of hair clipper oil or lubricant. (use original clipper oil)

Apply clipper oil to the blades and other movable parts of the clippers.

This will help to keep them in good working condition and prevent future rusting.

Step 6: Reassemble the Clippers parts

Before getting back all the clipper components together, don’t forget to check once whether your clipper’s internal & external parts are properly clean or not.

Now, reassemble all the clippers parts (e.g- clipper’s blades, guards, clip, and cord)

After crosschecking and finishing all the steps. Now clipper is rust-free and ready to work. Start your work, now you’ll see the clipper’s performance is boosted, and looks like the previous condition.

rusty clippers look like new one
Rusty Clipper is Now in Good Condition @GoodMods via Youtube

Can You Fix Rusted Clipper Blades?

Yes, already we know, you can fix it by the following process. It’s easy just to have some tools and materials. (e.g. small brush, rust remover solution, clipper oil, etc.)

Start by wiping off any loose dirt from the clipper blades using a soft cloth or sponge.

Once that’s done, dip the cloth or sponge into the white vinegar/70% Isopropyl Alcohol. After that, rub it onto the rusted areas.

Next, sharpen the Clipper blade using Sharpening Stone.

Finally, clean all rust, and dirt then dry the clipper of all internal and external parts. After that reassemble all parts, that’s it.

Are Rusty Hair Clippers Dangerous?

Yes, Rusty hair clippers can have some serious negative effects that can put your health at risk.

Here are some serious issues following below:

  • Rusty can transfer onto your scalp and hair when you use them, leading to all sorts of issues.
  • It can cause the risk of infection. When rusty clippers come into contact with your skin, they can introduce harmful bacteria. That can cause infections like folliculitis or even more serious conditions like cellulitis.
  • Rusty hair clippers can also lead to skin irritation and allergic reactions.
  • So, it’s clear that using rusty hair clippers is not recommended. This can put your overall health at risk.

Pro Advice:

It’s important to regularly clean and oil your clippers to prevent rust from forming. If you notice any rust, it’s best to replace or fix them immediately to avoid any potential harm.

Video Guide: How to Remove Rust from Hair Clippers?

Credit: GoodMods


Finally, after the overall discussion on How to Remove Rust from Hair Clippers? you have learned lots of things related to clipper rusting.

  • How to remove clippers rust?
  • Some easy ways to remove rust from clippers
  • What are the necessary tools and materials required to remove rust?
  • How to prevent future rusting, etc.

Hope this article and guide are helpful to you. If you follow the above-mentioned steps and instructions you will be short of this type of problem for a lifetime.


1. What is the strongest clipper rust remover?

Barbicide Disinfectant Concentrate, Distilled white vinegar, etc are the best rust remover for hair clippers.

2. Is it safe to use Rusted Trimmer?

No, It is not safe to use a rusted trimmer, because it can cause various issues related to your health. e.g.- skin, scalp, and hair infection. So, try to avoid using a rusted clipper or trimmer.

3. Does vinegar remove rust?

Yes, vinegar contains 5% to 8% acetic acid by volume. It helps to remove rust very easily.

4. Does WD-40 remove rust?

Yes, as we know wd40 is a multi-purpose product. It can easily remove rust from metals like iron, chrome, and stainless steel. But it is not good to use in clippers/trimmers for rust-removing purposes.

5. Does alcohol rust clipper blades?

Yes, alcohol may rust the clipper’s blad, because it contains water. So try to use another supplement like- Distilled white vinegar, Barbicide Disinfectant Concentrate, etc.

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