How to do a lineup with clippers? [Easy Tutorial]

In this post, we are going to share some simple steps on How to do a lineup with Clippers?

All we know line up hair and beard to look clean and well-groomed.

Basically, those who are very careful about their appearance always want to keep their look clean and line up.

In this article, we will guide you on How to do a lineup with clippers?  

Following some simple steps you can make a clear and precise line up hair and beard with the help of clippers.

Author's line- Line up with clippers is easy task if you identify necessary and quality tools. It takes a little time to master this but everyone can do.

So let’s go to the straight point-

How to do a lineup with Clippers? [Steps]

  • Preparation
  • Arrange the necessary tools
  • Identify the tools
  • Wash and comb hair/beard
  • Defining the hairline
  • Trimming the hairline
  • Check the work

Step 1: Preparation for Line Up

In this step you have to prepare for line-up hair or beard trimming, preparation makes you perfect and meets the expected results.

Now we are going to share some simple steps, you have to follow these steps and you can easily line up with clippers smoothly and achieve the desired results.

Step 2: Arrange the Necessary Tools

Now you have to gather some necessary tools which are required in the lineup process.

Basically, you need some tools for lining up- Clippers, Clippers guards, Comb, Mirror, Razor, clean towel, etc.

Next, you have to identify these tools, which tools you have used sequentially.

Also, you have to knowledge about which clippers is best for line up, clippers guard and its size, etc.

Step 3: Identify the tools

In this step, you are going to identify the best and most necessary tools for lining up. You have to find out the best and most suitable tools for a sharp and clean lineup. 

Line Up Clippers:

There in online and offline market lots of clippers available, but you have to find out best one. High-quality clippers result in a clear and precise lineup.

Always prefer clippers with adjustable blades and different guard sizes. When you require you can easily adjust according to your need.


In the same case, lots of varieties of trimmers are available in the market.

You have to choose a detail trimmer or a smaller-sized clipper that can be useful for refining and shaping the edges of your hairline and beard.

Clippers Guards:

Clippers come with a number of guards, which you can adjust according to your hairstyle, length, and size. So choosing appropriate clippers guards is also an important thing to line up.


Another important tool is a comb. You have to comb before lining up your hair and beard. Choose good toothed comb for the best result.


You can check your work progress, error, and mistakes with the help of a mirror. It’s best to install a full-length mirror for a clear view. You can also do your work smoothly with a handheld mirror.

Barber Cap/ Towel:

A barber cap or towel protects from hair that you trim. You feel comfortable at the time of trimming hair or beard. So always wear a barber cap and towel at the time of trimming.

 Step 4: Wash and comb your hair

Before lining up your hair & beard, you have to wash and comb your hair for cleanliness and remove dirt and tangles from hair, it will help to trim hair properly.

Use shampoo and massage it over the hair then rinses it with cold water for removing the shampoo and dirty. Dry the hair with the help of a clean towel also you can use a hair drier as you like.

Step 5: Defining the hairline

In this step, you have to define your hairline according to your facial appearance and shape. It depends on which hairline suit for your face.

You have to identify the natural hairline shape. Now use clippers and a razor for desired hairline shape.

Step 6: Trimming the hairline

How to do a lineup with clippers
Image: Line up hair and beard

So, you have already determined the hairline shape in the previous step.

Now choose the appropriate clippers guard and start trimming, at the time of trimming be careful and don’t hurry up.

Slowly trim the hairline create an outline and check it on the mirror in different angles, do this same until an unless your desired looks.

When line-up and trimming are completed use a razor to remove unnecessary hair to make a clean and clear appearance.

Step 7: Final Check your work

Now you have to check finally your hairline or beard line. If you find any mistake correct it instantly. Re-check again and finally finished the work. Now look at your style!

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Final Thoughts!

I hope this article has helped you learn How to do a Lineup with Clippers.

Line-up haircut with the help of clippers is an easy process and can be done quickly. Those who need a fresh look or just want to tidy up their hairline.

Just you have to select the right trimming tools, technique, and practice so you can achieve great results from your lineup.

Thank you! Have a nice day!

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