Can You use Hair Clippers on Beard? [Experts Answer]

Are you wondering to get the exact and most suitable answer; Can you use hair clippers on beard? 

Yes, here in this post, you are going to learn the most accurate and suitable answer from the expert.

In this article, we will cover the most confusing points related to this topic. So read this article completely and get the full information.

Can You Use Hair Clippers on Beard?

If we give you a short answer, yes, you can use Hair Clippers on Beard.

We all know some devices and tools can help with multiple tasks, in this case, hair clippers also help you not only trim hair but also trim your beard line up perfectly and easily.

Before using it in multiple ways, you have to gain knowledge about these tools to use them proper method.

So, now we are going to discuss in depth whether you can use hair clippers on your beard or not. We have discussed the following topics;

  • Types of clippers and functionalities
  • Hair Clippers features
  • Is there any difference between hair clippers vs. beard clippers?
  • Can you use hair clippers on your beard? Final Answer
  • Which clippers are most suitable for beard trimming?
  • Conclusion

Types of Clippers And Functionalities

Well, if you want to get an answer, how do you use hair clippers on your beard?  Then first, you have to know how many types of clippers. So let’s discuss this-

Clippers are mostly three types: 1. Magnetic  2. Pivot and 3. Rotary clippers

Magnetic Clippers

These clippers come with a magnetic motor, this type of clipper utilizes a spring and a magnet with a spring push mechanism to move the blades back and forth.

These clippers operate at high speeds of over 7000 RPMs.

This is traditionally a barber’s workhorse clipper since it’s reliable and cuts smooth.

The main drawback of using this type of clipper is overheating very quickly.

Pivot clippers

Secondly, the pivot clipper uses a pivot motor. The pivot motor is very similar to the magnetic motor.

However, the pivot motor utilizes a magnetic force that pulls the blades left and right.

These clippers have high torque, but the blade doesn’t move as fast.

But Pivot Clipper may not get hot as fast as magnetic motors.

But the other drawback is this clipper doesn’t cut smoothly on all hair types.

Rotary Clippers

Last but not least, the rotary clipper is utilizing a drive shaft and actuator piece to convert circular motion into linear motion.

These move the blades left and right this motor operates at high speed and high torque depending on quality and price point.

Nowadays, most of the people uses rotary type corded and cordless clippers.

Now you can decide for yourself which type of clipper is best for hair and beard clipping.

Hair Clippers features

The Hair Clipper comes with various features and functionalities. Some of the major features that directly impact on your smooth and professional barbering service these are below-

Availability of blade types

Hair clippers have different types of adjustable blades, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, or ceramic.

You can choose any one of them according to your needs with an adjustable blade setting feature.

Different types of Guards

Hair clippers come with a set of different types of guards. These attachments come in various sizes, allowing you to achieve different hair lengths, line up hair or create fades and blends.

You can adjust it at any time according to your hair/beard length.

Corded and Cordless clippers

Hair clippers can be corded or cordless. Corded means you have to plug in a wire to connect the power.

Cordless means clippers come with a rechargeable battery for power supply.

You don’t have to connect the plug at the time of operation. It’s very flexible to move and work.

Battery Life

If you choose cordless clippers, it’s important to know about battery durability and charging time.

Hair clippers come with long battery runtime features, choose this one. This will help you to work without facing any trouble.

Motor Type

Hair clippers have different types of motors, such as magnetic, pivot and rotary.

According to our recommendation, a rotary type of motor is best for overall performance.

Additional Accessories

Some hair clippers come with additional accessories that are obviously worth it.

Like – A storage cage, barber cape, scissors, styling comb, and cleaning supplies may great help to your work.

Is there any difference between hair clippers vs. beard clippers

No, there is nothing special difference between a hair clipper and a beard clipper. You can use it for multiple purposes.

But one thing to keep remember hair clippers are basically use for longer hair, you can adjust them through a clipper guard according to your needs.

So, we can say that no need for separate clippers for hair and beards.

Can you use hair clippers on beard? Final Answer

Yes, after discussing overall clippers types, features, functions, and factors, we came up to know it assured that, you can use hair clippers on beard.

Which clipper is most suitable for beard trimming?

Can you use hair clippers on beard

For beard trimming we don’t need separate clippers, already mentioned that. Now if you ask which clipper is most suitable for beard trimming then- the answer will be cordless clipper with Zero Gap that comes with a rotary-type motor.

Can you use hair clippers on beard? Video Guide

Video Credit: LanDope

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In conclusion, if you again ask can you use hair clippers on beard?

The answer is yes, you can easily use it for multiple purposes.

Before own a clipper you just look into its types, features, and functionalities. Choose the best one according to the parameter.

There is no need to worry about whether the hair clipper will work on the beard or not. Go smoothly and continue to maintain your hair and beard grooming with clippers.

In the end, we suggest you please share this post with your friends and family; maybe they are also in the same confusion. Let’s help them together.

Thank You! Have a nice day 😍

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1. Can I use hair clippers to shave my face?

Yes, you can use hair clippers to shave on your face, at the same time it’s better to use Razor to remove excess hair and make clear lineup.

2. Can you use a Wahl hair clipper to trim a beard?

Obviously, you can use a Wahl hair clipper to trim a beard.

3. What clippers to use for beard?

A cordless electric clipper is best and most flexible to use at the time of work

4. Is it better to trim beard with scissors or clippers?

Both are necessary tools for trimming the beard. Individuals are using this tool according to their needs.

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