Can you Clean Clippers with Hydrogen Peroxide? (Answer with Guides)

Most people ask this question- Can you Clean Clippers with Hydrogen Peroxide? to clean the clipper’s blade and disinfection?

All we know, we have to clean and do proper maintenance of our clippers. To keep them always in good condition and germ-free. For that case, can I use Hydrogen Peroxide on Hair Clippers?

Well, You will get the details answer here.

In this article, we will guide you on how to use Hydrogen Peroxide safely and effectively. Also, we’ll know-How Hydrogen Peroxide disinfects bacteria and germs very easily.

Also, we’ll provide some tips and tricks that are helpful for the clipper’s blade performance and longevity.

So, let’s go to the main points-

Can you Clean Clippers with Hydrogen Peroxide?

Yes, you can absolutely use hydrogen peroxide on your hair clippers for cleaning. To keep your clipper clean and germ-free hydrogen peroxide 3% is a powerful and versatile solution.

Hydrogen peroxide is a natural disinfectant that kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It effectively eliminates any potential sources of infection or contamination.

This solution helps you to keep not only clippers sparkling clean but also prevents any skin irritations or infections.

So, are you tired of dealing with dirty and ineffective clippers? It’s time to give hydrogen peroxide a try.

What is Hydrogen Peroxide?

Hydrogen Peroxide is a chemical composition. The Hydrogen Peroxide formula is H2O2. It means It contains two hydrogen atoms and two oxygen atoms.

It is a pale blue color liquid. This chemical solution often uses for disinfectant, sensitization, cleaning, and bleaching purpose.

On the other hand, Hydrogen Peroxide 3% means- the solution contains 3% and 97% water.

To clean hair clippers and disinfection, Hydrogen Peroxide 3% is better to use.

How to Clean Hair Clippers with Hydrogen Peroxide?

In this section, we will know how to clean hair clippers with Hydrogen Peroxide. Using hydrogen peroxide 3% helps to kill bacteria and sanitize the clippers. It’s a simple and effective method.

Step: 1 Careful about safety

First, you have to be careful about your health. When you use hydrogen peroxide 3% it’s better to use gloves to protect your skin from irritation and burning. (Medium Priority)

Step 2: Turn off Clipper

In the second step, power off/switch off the clipper if it is in an electric connection.

Step 3: Cleaning

clean clippers blades

Before applying Hydrogen Peroxide to the hair clipper, you have to clean it properly. Detach the clipper blades and the clipper’s guard. (also other external parts)

Use a small piece of cotton cloth or a soft brush, clean it properly, and remove all the excess hair and dirt.

Step 4: Apply Hydrogen Peroxide 3%

Now you have to apply Hydrogen Peroxide 3:1 ratio recommended by most technicians. Put 70% Hydrogen Peroxide and 30% water in a pot and mix up it.

After that, apply these ingredients to the hair clipper blades and other external parts. Allow them to soak for 6-8 minutes.

Step 5: Wipe out and Dry

After soaking the disinfection solution, make sure it is clean and sanitized properly. Now, wipe out using a dry cloth, scrub the surface of the clippers, and remove any remaining debris or germs.

Step 6: Final Check

Don’t forget to check before assembling its parts any excess hair or debris remaining on the clipper.

Step 7: Reassemble the clipper’s parts

assemble clippers blade after using Hydrogen Peroxide

Re-assemble the clippers’ external parts and make sure they align properly.

Step 8: Put some oil for lubrication

Put 5-7 drops of hair clipper oil onto the hair clippers’ blades and other moving parts. It will boost the clipper’s performance and prevent rust.

Remember: Don’t use hydrogen peroxide frequently on the hair clipper, it contains water therefore it can rust clipper blades due to overuse.


Hope this article gives you a proper guide and solution to your question- Can you Clean Clippers with Hydrogen Peroxide?

You have already got the answer- yes, Hydrogen Peroxide is an effective and easy process to clean and sanitize hair clippers. It kills germs and bacteria and keeps the clipper healthy condition.

After cleaning the hair clipper using Hydrogen Peroxide, you can confidently cut your hair and beard without fear of any infection.


What should you not clean with hydrogen peroxide?

While hydrogen peroxide effective disinfection solution, there are some limitations too-
Don’t recommend using hydrogen peroxide on the following things-

  • Colored fabrics- colored clothing, carpets, or upholstery
  • Natural stones- marble, granite, or limestone
  • Electronics- smartphones, tablets, laptops, TV
  • Wood surfaces- furniture, floors
  • Clippers internal parts- clipper motor, powerhouse, etc.

Is it safe to clean hair clippers with hydrogen peroxide?

Yes, as we told earlier cleaning clippers with hydrogen peroxide can be a safe and effective method. But it is important to take certain precautions and follow the correct instructions-

Some safety tips are below-

  • It is important to handle hydrogen peroxide with care as it is a chemical agent.
  • To clean the hair clippers, you can soak a clean cloth in hydrogen peroxide and then gently wipe and dry the blades.
  • At the time of using hydrogen peroxide, it’s good to wear gloves to get safe from chemical reactions.
  • Use this chemical in open and well-ventilated areas.
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