Can I Use Vegetable Oil on Hair Clippers? [Ultimate Guide]

The hair Clipper needs oil to run smoothly, but Can I Use Vegetable Oil on Hair Clippers? Does this question come to your mind?

Is vegetable oil work well in hair clippers?  If not, which are the best vegetable oil alternatives

Are you wondering about these answers? Then you are in the right place.

I am going to share the best guide for clipper oiling, at the same time I will solve your every related query on this topic. Let’s continue reading…

Can I Use Vegetable Oil on Hair Clippers [Qucik Answer]

Quick Answer:

Using vegetable oil on Hair Clippers is harmful. Vegetable oil contains some high-viscosity (i.e. thin) properties that can cause damage your hair clippers.

If I talk best alternatives to vegetable oil, it would be Sewing machine oil; Wahl clipper oil, Olive oil, and Baby oil can help you.

But I recommended you, always use genuine hair clipper oil for the sharp line up haircut and best performance.

This a quick answer; I will elaborate more deeply on this topic. Let’s go ahead-

What is Hair Clipper oil?

Can I Use Vegetable Oil on Hair Clippers
Hair Clipper Oil

Already you have got cliff notes; Whether you can use vegetable oil on hair clippers or not?

Now I will discuss what is hair clipper oil.

Hair clipper oil is a lubricant. Lubricant oil is a lightweight low-viscosity and non-drying oil. It is made from pure mineral oil and keeps the machine well maintenance prevents heating, friction rusting, and corrosion.

Hair Clipper oil is used for clippers and trimmers to run it smoothly and prolong the life of hair clippers.

In the next, I will tell about vegetable oil…

What is vegetable oil?

Can I Use Vegetable Oil on Hair Clippers
Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oil is usually used in our home for cocking purposes. This oil is made from various plants like- Mustered, Soya bin, canola, Olive, corn, palm, etc.

This oil is thick in nature or high-viscosity there for not recommended to use in machinery things.

In the case of hair clippers, I am not recommended to use vegetable oil on hair clippers. This oil cause clipper problem instead of benefits.

If not, then which oil should I use for the clipper?

Which oil is good for hair clippers instead of vegetable oil?

Okay, I will tell you the next best oil for clippers alternatives-

Vegetable Oil Alternative for Hair Clippers

If we can’t use vegetable oil on hair clippers. We need some alternative oil for hair clippers, right?

We may use some oil (mentioned below) without facing machine problems, and help to perform the clippers batter way.

But I recommend using genuine clippers oil, for the best and lifelong clippers’ performance.

Here Below provided some Alternatives For Hair Clipper Oil instead of vegetable oil-

Sewing machine oil:

Swing machine oil can be a great alternative to clipper oil. This oil is a type of lubricant made for machines. It’s quite thin, that’s why it creates a machine with high performance and reduces friction and temperature.

Olive oil:

Olive oil also can be used for the maintenance of some tools. If you want to use it on a hair clipper it will not impact negatively as vegetable oil. Because olive oil is thin and has a low viscosity.

Hair clippers have some moving parts and need proper lubrication for smoothly moving the parts. In this case, you can use olive oil to reduce friction and help to move the parts smoothly.

Baby oil

I have known from other sources, baby oil is not recommended to use on hair clippers. Still, you can use it in comparison to vegetable oil. It’s much better than vegetable oil.

Baby oil contains some mineral oil this thick and sticky. Still, you can use it as your choice.

Next, I tell you some non-recommended oil, which shouldn’t use on hair clippers.

Non-Recommended Oil for Hair Clippers

Now we came to the most important point. You have to abide by this and keep your clipper’s life good. Some non-recommendation oil will never use. That may cause a big problem, and stop working your clipper.

Vegetable Oil

The impact of using vegetable oil on clippers is already we have known. This oil is non-recommended by the technician. It may cause a machine problem. So try to avoid using this type of oil on hair clippers.

Silicon Oil

Silicon oil contains a lubricant, that is thin and low-viscosity, still, there is no assured recommendation by the technician. That also impacts negatively. So try to avoid this oil contact from clippers.

Best Alternative Oil for Hair Clippers (Weapon Against Rust, Friction, and Temperature)

Hair clippers need proper oil to improve their performance and result. In this part, we are going to discuss some best and most recommended hair clipper oil that works well.

The hair clipper is the most important tool for hair cutting and trimming. We have to maintain it properly, otherwise, it will disturb you at the time of work. Oiling is the most essential maintenance for hair clippers.

Below, I am sharing the best Alternative oil for Hair Clippers- They keep the clipper rust and friction-free and reduce temperature and increase the longevity of hair clippers.

Let’s get this-

Mineral Oil

Mineral oil is mostly recommended for hair clippers because, this oil has low viscosity, is thin and it provides proper lubrication on hair clippers.

It reduces friction between moving parts of the hair clipper, why because it reduces temperature. Keep the clipper rust-free, create a protective barrier against moisture, and extend the life of your hair clipper.

Also, you have to know mineral oil is suitable for all types of hair clippers in any environment, whether it is humid or dry. Mineral oil can also help remove hair clippings and debris from the blades.

Some Benefits of oiling hair Clippers

Oiling hair clippers have several benefits already mentioned above. If we talk again, this creates your clipper’s high performance for trimming, line up hair with clippers, extends lifespan,  and reduces friction, temperature rust, and corrosion.

Reduced heat and friction

Heat and friction are common issues of clippers. If you want to reduce it, you have to use mineral oil on the hair clipper, then automatically solve this problem.

Prevent rust and corrosion

Oiling the blades creates a protective barrier that helps prevent rust and corrosion, preserving the integrity of the metal components and ensuring the clipper’s longevity.

Prolonged lifespan

Regularly using mineral oil can help extend the life of your hair clipper by keeping it well-lubricated and preventing unnecessary wear and tear on the blades and other parts.

How to oil hair clippers?

It’s very simple to apply oil on a hair clipper.

Follow these few steps and apply the oil exactly on your clipper.

Can I Use Vegetable Oil on Hair Clippers
Hair Clipper oiling process

Step: 1

If the Clipper is turned on, please switch off the clipper before applying oil.

Step: 2

Now apply 3/4  drops of mineral oil inside the blade and other moving parts.

Step: 3

Wait for a while, let the oil saturate inside the parts.

Step: 4

Turn on the clipper and let the clipper run for 20/30 seconds. Repeat the same once.

Step 5:

Wipe out all excess oil outside the clipper. That’s it.

Substitutes we don’t like as much…!

Overuse of oil in the clipper may create clipper problems- such as greasy, slips of blades, and messy, excess oil can transfer to hair. For that, someone can face skin irritation, allergic reaction, etc.

So, try to avoid overuse of oil, and be on limitation this is good enough for your clipper on every side.


In the conclusion part, now you can decide by yourself- Can I Use Vegetable Oil on Hair Clippers?

Simply- No, we have come across lots of pre-known and unknown things in this post. You can be confirmed now, whether vegetable oil is good for hair clippers or not, right?

Using vegetable oil on your hair clippers is not a good idea because it can cause damage to the clipper’s blades.

It’s always good to use actual clipper oil, if you don’t have actual clipper oil; you can choose some best hair clipper oil alternatives. These are-

  • Mineral Oil
  • Olive oil
  • Sewing machine oil
  • Baby oil

Hope, you have learned so many new things about clippers oiling from this article. Always support us and boost our confidence to produce new high-quality content for you.

Thanks for reading! Have a nice day!

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FAQ – Can I Use Vegetable Oil on Hair Clippers

What kind of oil can you use on hair clippers?

The most recommended is mineral oil. Mineral oil contains low viscosity(thin) and is specially designed for machinery parts for lubricants. That helps easy movement and reduces heat & temperature.

What can I use to oil my hair clippers?

I always recommended you to use branded hair clipper oil. This oil contains very helpful ingredients that help your clipper’s lifespan and performance.

Can I use 3 in 1 oil on hair clippers?

You can use 3 in 1 oil, but keep remembering it should be mineral based.

Can you use wd 40 on hair clippers?

No, wd40 is not recommended. Use hair clipper oil.

What is the best hair clipper oil alternatives?

Mineral oil, baby oil, swing machine oil, olive oil, etc.

What is clipper oil made of?

Clipper oil is made of some low-viscosity or thin chemical formula. It’s produced from pure mineral oil, ingredients with fragrance, lubricants, additives, etc.

Which is best clipper oil?

Mineral oil is best for clipper oil.

Can Coconut Oil be used in hair clippers?

Yes you can use it, but don’t apply it frequently. It is a short-time solution only. Mostly I advise you to prefer mineral oil as the best solution.

Should I Oil my Clippers Before or After Use?

Always oil your clipper before use. Then you will be comfortable at work and the oil saturates properly.

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